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Years of experience

Founded back in 1991, our investment company has been proving for years and years, that we are the smartest people in this industry!

Proven record

Throughout all the economic stagnations, crises and the Great Recession, we were able to call the right investment options, always!

Seasoned team

We are stronger with an in-house team of more than 300 hundred seasoned, well-educated and sophisticated investment experts…


we specialize in

Equity Venture Fund

Being one of the biggest Equity Venture Fund consulting companies in the US, we will help you accumulate & double your assets!

Investment Opportunities

We help our clients discover and take advantage of any investment opportunity out there – from commodities to stock exchange and insurance bonds…

Taxes, Estate and Property

Managing all the fiscal risks that relate to paying your taxes, owning a real estate or any other property is what we’re provenly good at!

Retirement Planning Management

Planning a retirement mustn’t be a hasty process. We take a diligent approach to that matter, planning a beforehand, all-out retirement schemes…

Business Advisory Board

We will be more than glad to be of a help for any commercial entity, regarding the best options that they have on investing and prospering off it…

Non-US Investing Opportunities

We advise both on the overseas investing options for US citizens and the US investment option for non-US individuals and businesses…


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    If you’ve ever doubted where to invest your money in,

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    Fields we specialize in vary and encompass every investment issue a company or an individual might face today!

    Dream Team

    While working with Dream Team automotive company, we conducted few vital market researches and helped to implement a crucial business strategy.

    Janny Choos

    This legendary car brand used our Interim management tips back in 2008, and averted the Great Recession slip with our timely help.

    World news

    Harley-Davidson Inc is an American motorcycle manufacturer. We, together with the US govt helped to diverge the fiscal disaster.


    An all-American chain, that recovered after dropping in sales in 2008 and since then returned great year-by-year growth…

    Smart One

    An online service unlike any other, which we helped to sketch out and put to action a comprehensive investment planning for.


    General Motors suffered a severe setback in sales and overall market value. We, together with the US govt helped to diverge the fiscal disaster.

    Induce the growth!

    With the help of our professional team of advisors, any business will expand to its full promise!
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