Dream Team

Our team

Ben Edwards, Sam Williams, Robin Smith & Jafrey Lee

Besides the project manager, we also had 4 of our in-house consulting experts staying on this project at all times.


Dream Team

While working with Dream Team automotive company, we conducted few vital market researches and helped to implement a crucial business strategy.

As usually with any company we cooperate with, including the case of the Paccar Inc the whole process has been subjected to 6 distinct and important stages of work:

  • Business’ current state of affairs and scope of work assessment

  • Developing a profound, in-depth, short, mid and long-term business strategy in accordance with our vision and in consultancy with company’s top manager

  • Performing an elaborated optimization for all Recruiting & Human Resources processes, which eventually form the future of work dynamics (hence results) of any given company, including Paccar Inc

  • Intricate business processes optimization

  • Diligent market researches, performed in a close cooperation with Paccar Inc’ marketing departmen

  • Post analytics of the year-by-year growth

We’re proud of our work as we’ve dealt with Dream Team issues, namely the lack of proper marketing research to reach end customers in a highly competitive auto niche and a lack of a long-term strategy, which based itself off proper marketing research.

The end result of the sales growth and a new lineup of cars developed based on spotting a popular demand made us their regular consulting company!

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